The EVSL welcomes anyone who likes to sing in a group, wants to grow vocally and successfully passes the audition. Recordings made by professionals are available to members of the choir to support them in their learning and preparing for rehearsals. Although the singers work diligently so that the choir develops its vocal personality, weekly rehearsals take place in happiness, to use an expression dear to the director.

Open house rehearsals are held in the early fall and winter. For the 2019-2020 season, the rehearsals will begin on thursday, August 29, 7:30pm. Open houses will also be held on August 29 and on January 9. Interested persons may attend and participate freely in these rehearsals and if their interest is confirmed, they may join the ensemble.

Rehearsals are held Thursdays from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the Centre de loisirs de Saint-Laurent, 1375 Grenet St., usually local 231.

Days of intensive rehearsals and more rehearsals can sometimes be added. They are listed in the calendar that is given early in the season.

The annual fee of $ 360, payable in two payments at the beginning of each session, is tax deductible. The Loisirs Montreal cardholders issued by the Centre de loisirs de Saint-Laurent benefit of an annual $ 60 rebate.

For any questions or if you are interested in joining the EVSL, email us at Looking forward to sing with you soon !