Ensemble vocal de Saint-Laurent is recruiting!

Join our choir! Come meet us on thursday August 29, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. for our welcome session at:

Centre des Loisirs de Saint-Laurent, 1375, rue Grenet, Saint-Laurent, Local 231

Or contact us for an audition: by email at info.choeurevsl@gmail.com or by phone at (514) 545-1180.



Founded in 1995, the Ensemble vocal de Saint-Laurent (EVSL) is a mixed adult choir directed by Mr. Yvan Sabourin since 2004. As a result of merging a choir made up for the fiftieth anniversary of Notre-Dame-du-Bois-Franc parish and a group of the Manécanterie choir of Saint-Laurent, EVSL becomes part of the choral tradition of the Saint-Laurent borough.

Under the very able direction of its leader, the choir is committed to the promotion of vocal art and musical education of its members while contributing to the development of musical culture in the Laurentian community.

The EVSL is a non-profit organization affiliated to the « Direction de la Culture, des Sports, des Loisirs et du Développement social » of Ville de Montréal (arrondissement Saint-Laurent). Its Board of Directors is managed by choir members. The EVSL is member of the "Alliance des chorales du Québec".